7 Quick & Easy Self-Love Acts For Lazy People Pt. II

This is a part two of a list of quick and effective self-love acts. (Look here for part one.)

Changing Out Of Work Clothes

It's going into winter here in Kenya - meaning, it's getting rainy and quite brisk. Instinctively, whenever I've been coming home from work, I take off my clothes, and throw on sweats or shorts and a jumper. It's only recently when I realised how therapeutic this actually is. To be in comfortable, cozy, and clean (most of the time) clothes does something to my psyche. Something about taking off the work from the day, and putting on a brand new set, puts me in a fresh mindset; one that removes the energy from the day, whether good or bad.

Banter with old friend

If you play The Sims 4 then you’ll be familiar with this phrase. This is pretty simple. Call or meet up with an old friend or anyone really, who you’ve known for a while, and just have a friendly conversation with them. Typically this will make you feel good, if it’s just sharing inside jokes, stories that you both can relate too so well, or just enjoying each other’s company.

Get some sun

This one varies on the weather usually. These days I notice I tend to stay indoors over outdoors. It’s as if I retreat indoors whenever I can, that sometimes I forget the goodness of the sun stroking my skin with its warmth. Whether it’s sitting on a porch or laying on the grass or even just sitting by the window where a little sunlight can warmth my body up a little just to feel good (and not burnt or sweaty!)

Hand massage

Super simple. Pressing around one palm with my thumb and kneading sensitive areas is super therapuetic. Plus I think my hands thank me for it.

Preparing the night before

This one needs me to put in effort now so I don’t have to later. Preparing the night before work, school, or wherever can save on stress and time. Whether it’s prepping my meals or deciding on what it is to wear, or even packing my bag with all I need for the day makes getting up and out of the house a little bit easier.

Prayer/worship session

Not to be so Christiany, but when I’m just trying to relax or unwind and destress, I find that turning to God typically does the trick. This is harder than it sounds, which is maybe why I put it last, because initially when I’m in a mood or just lazy, I don’t feel like turning to God in general. But how refreshing it is when I actually put in that effort. Check out this playlist of inspiring worship songs below. Honestly, when I get a song that just gets me, it’s almost like I can’t stop singing and saying the lyrics over and over again. It becomes fun. What’s harder for me is having a prayer session - like a deep one, where I literally go out of my way to focus and silence out the rest of the world. I compare both of these to going to the gym - where the hardest part is making yourself go there - when actually once you start working out it’s fine, and you feel good after. Having a good prayer sesh is so energising and reassuring at the same time.