The One Where Taking A Photo A Day Is A Little Tedious

This decision to take a photograph a day can be somewhat tedious (especially as a lazy photographer!). Lately I find myself waiting to the last hour of the day to take a picture, when my creativity juices are usually finished. So what do I do? Take a picture of the most basic item beside me. Like a glass filled with water. So exciting, I know. But when I get to this point, I've probably made my mind on just getting a photo any which way of this glass of water. Sometimes I'm lucky and get a decent pic, other times I'm not and know that not even the instagram filters can save the photograph. Sometimes I can have an awesome object but get a crap photo, other times I can be shooting a white wall and get a great photo. It's all about the photographer, and how I choose to capture the photo; how I choose to bring out any characteristic of the objects. So for example with the glass of water, I may try shooting from different angles, adjusting the shutter speed, getting as close as I can, sometimes till the lens is touching the object. Playing around with my camera lets me know what it can and cannot do for me. There are no rules with this project.

1 tree, 4 different looks:


Here are some other ideas I have on making this project seem less of a project:

Start Early

  • The earlier I decide to take a photo, the more choices I have to photograph. I have the whole day ahead of me, which means more visible things, which means more to look for. I'm almost guaranteed to have a photo by the end of the day. Plus, I can take my time, so I don't have to rush to beat the dark when it's almost evening time. If there's anything I'm beating myself about is not taking enough time in making real art with the images I'm capturing.

  • This counts for posting the picture, too. Every time I wait the last minute to take a photo, I delay on posting it online. So that means going on days without having a post, all because I waited till 11:59p to take a dang picture!

Don't Just Rely On One Tool

  • If I know I'm gonna be somewhere cool for the day, where there'll be unique photo ops, I'll carry my actual camera. If you're like me and have a fickle phone camera, you'll wanna bring back up. In contrast to my phone camera, my camera will let me zoom in with a good resolution and let me capture hard to get shots. The shutter speed has a bigger range, too, and it does a pretty good job of capturing moving objects.

Take Pictures Of Flowers!

  • When I have no inspiration whatsoever and don't know what to photograph, I'll find a flower and snap it! Seriously. Flowers are diverse, fun, colourful, characteristic, plus they make for excellent macro photographs (hence the flower icon on the macro setting on cameras).

You WILL Take Bogus Photos

  • Enough said.

Be Diverse

  • Because I have a theme for this project, something beautiful, I'll tend to capture anything I perceive as beautiful. The good thing about this theme is that it's vague and allows for diversity. So, my pictures don't have to be of pretty things around me, it can literally be anything. The goal at the end of the day is to make art, so if I've accomplished that, then the picture is beautiful.

  • Additionally, I'm always tempted to capture my dogs. (I have 10 puppies at home!) As adorable as they all are, I'm too comfortable with them, and I've already revisited them as my object. Be bold and try to take a photo of the man selling sugarcane by the side of the road or of that old man pushing his granddaughter in a Nakumatt trolley. Day to-day we see so much, yet we don't always have the time to appreciate what we see. So why not try to capture it in tribute to the creation of this world?

Check out my progress here!!