On Discipline, Again

I talked about goals in my previous post and boy oh boy am I struuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggling with accomplishing them. I had a list of things to help me with reaching those goals, such as coming up with what I want out of them, creating deadlines, incentives, etc., go read it. But even though I wrote about ways that would help me, I still find myself lacking in discipline, just like I wrote about here. In the past week I've put off making phone calls, writing posts, and going shopping all in favour of watching anime. I need to dig deeper and go further with being disciplined. My biggest problem, I think, is that my goal plan is too vague; I haven't created an effective plan for them to actually come alive and be accomplished. Honestly, I just say things that I want and  store them in my head. And how can that work if I don't take any action? Man, discipline is hard. I feel like such a stranger to it. I feel like the only thing I'm disciplined in is scrolling through my phone these days. #truth

Is it important to you?

I watched this video by Andrea Lewis, who's an incredible person that creates, acts, motivates, and shares a lot on self-love. Go check her out! One thing I got out of her video is when accomplishing my goal, I have to ask myself if it's important to me. I know the answer is yes, but having that at the forefront and repeating it to myself should help and motivate me in achieving my goal.

Do it do it do it!

Do the work. Make a schedule, a routine. Write it down so that it's physical and clear of what I need to do. (I'm really bad at this.) No matter how I feel or don't feel, I need to do the work, because I know it's important to me, and I know that it's leading me to what I want.

[perfectpullquote align="full" cite="" link="" color="#dd3333" class="" size=""]"There's an end goal. There's a future self all the way over there, and you just can keep on waving at this future self, for as long as you want, or you can actually do the work to walk over to that person and become that person. It's gonna require a part of you that you might not actually be putting into use right now." -Andrea Lewis[/perfectpullquote]

A friend of mine mentioned how having a routine helps with depression; a routine giving less freedom for my mind to wander, for laziness to grow, and to spend time doing things that are good for me. I think the same applies for goals. I need to have a schedule in the day when I'm putting a set time in working towards my goals. Andrea recommends at least 30 mins - 1 hr a day. If you're like me and have way too much time in the day, schedules are key to being active, which is also a plus for a healthier mental state!

Here's the video.


On Discipline, Again - Mgeni.org: Wanting to be disciplined in order to achieve your goals yet struggling? Check out this post.

On Discipline, Again - Mgeni.org: Wanting to be disciplined in order to achieve your goals yet struggling? Check out this post.