7 Quick & Easy Self-Love Acts For Lazy People

I'm on my self-love journey, but I'm lazy and don't do enough acts of self-love. I like quick and easy things that don't take too much time but work. Here's a list of what I've found that's helped.

Washing Feet Before Bed

This is primarily for those morning showerees or those who didn't make it to the shower yesterday, or the day before yesterday, or the day before the day before yesterday. When was the last time we gave our feet a break? Self-love is supposed to be a holistic approach, right? So show some love to your feet! A simple wash* with soap, or if you have energy, make a diy scrub (like honey and bentonite clay or sugar, or check pinterest for tons of simple recipes), pat them dry, then slather lotion, or an oil, or baby powder and you're done.**

*If you have cracked bottoms of your feet or really rough soles, use a pumice to scrub while your washing them.

**For extra pampering, wrap your feet in cling foil and cover with socks to keep the suppleness lasting till morning.

Taking A Long Bath/Shower

I like baths because I can just lie there letting the water engulf me. I can always add hot water if it starts getting luke warm (I hate luke warm water!) or cold. If you wanna get fancy, add some essential oils, bath salts, bath balls, shower gels, all that fru fru stuff. My only problem is I tend to snooze if I get too cozy. . .

Showers are great too. What's greater is if you have an awesome shower head with awesome pressure. Bring some tunes into the bathroom and just enjoy the hydrotherapy (not really the correct word here, but therapy that uses water without the exercise??).

Going To A Fave Coffee Shop  (Or Tea Shop Or Whatever)*

I feel like these places typically have a warm environment to hang out, since they typically don't get mad if you wanna hang out for a little longer than the typical time. I've found my favourite coffee joint in Nairobi, Connect Coffee, and it really is a bomb place to hang. They play light neo-jazz, some bossa nova, and have 'A⭐️' service.

*I realize going out of your way to leave your house may be considered a little non-lazy, so you can also make your favourite beverage at home. Be it coffee or tea, boba, smoothies, slushies, etc. I recently made a latte coffeeshop style thanks to pinterest (once again) with no fancy equipment. I just needed boiled milk and water, a coffee sachet, shaked it up a bit and voila. Literally pinterest will teach you all the cheap tricks to make your fave drinks.

Listening To Music With Eyes Closed

Pop in your headphones for 30 mins or an hour, play your fave tracks, and just lie down, close your eyes, sing along, and enjoy it. (Anything Debussy is a great soundgasm. May I recommend his preludes, I and II?)

Speaking Out Affirmations

I'm really bad with this, because of my abysmal self confidence. BUT! On my bathroom mirror I've written 4 things:





I've had these on there for a few weeks now but never said them to myself. I said them this morning before I left the house, and you know what, I feel pretty decent - like I'm in a good mood. It doesn't matter so much if you believe them at first. But at least write down things that you want to believe in, or that have some power over what you want your life to be like.

Hugging A Baby Or Pet A Dog

Ever since my sister and my nephew came to live with us, I come to find myself not able to escape my nephew's presence. Either his cries, or his numerous hilarious sounds, or his face expressions, or his laughs, or his toys, or his random individual socks, or just his face. I love squeezing him then seeing him get 'shy' and look away. If you're not a baby person, try an animal, preferably a cuddly one.

Making Lists

This can be a list of anything. Whether it be of goals for the day, or of places you wanna go, or your body measurements, or your all time favourite movies. I think there's some kind of pleasure in seeing achievable goals written down and possibly getting the satisfaction of ticking them off whenever the day comes.

That's it for now. I do hope to make more of these self-love lists when I discover more things that work well for me. I hope this helps someone out there!