Concerning This Year


Well, I'm back. I couldn't access the site for some time, not exactly sure why. And of course school was totally getting in the way which I used as an excuse for not having a life outside of it.

I could write about so much about the end of last year: the end of my first term as a teacher, going to India, playing the clarinet solo of Peter & The Wolf, and I'm sure a lot more I can think of.

Life has been alright. Not terrible - just alright. I survived another year. And now on to survive this one, but tryna enjoy it, more than just get through it.

First of all, let's talk about my photo project. I started out strong with it, but ended very weak. I think I was a bit ambitious in the end, and so that's why I couldn't keep up with it daily. Discipline is hard yo! So anyways, I will upload the best of my photos from last year on my tumblr site. Check it out, some decent shots on there, which I'll be updating, not to worry.

I'm trying to be more inspired this year. What I like about the beginning of the year, is that there is always sike to do things anew. There's tons of inspo around me, and I just have to take advantage of that and tap into what I can do creatively. I've already started planning out things to live a more fun and healthier life. Some things I want to do are:

  • eat better (more moisture-rich foods),

  • wake up earlier,

  • redecorate my room,

  • go on more Nairobi excursions,

  • reconnect with old friends,

  • declutter my closet,

  • try out new things,

  • learn a new skill,

  • explore a creative hobby,

  • design ideal habits,

  • yoga,

  • volunteer,

  • go on art excursions.

This year, I also want to find my writers self again. What I mean is, writing with more purpose, meaning, time, intention. I'm reading a little bit more, and getting inspired by people's words that I wish were mine, and I want to be able to write down words that I'm proud of and can stand behind. And also to grow my readership, and have people I know in real life read it as well. Which also leads me to this blog and the ideas I have into turning it into something that has sufficient content: regular, helpful, with good writing.

Hope you can join me on continuing my life's journey and wish me luck!