About a month ago, someone told me that I strike him as a very careful person.

For some reason, I’ve been thinking about it till now.

We were talking about a potential leadership role becoming available where I work, and he was basically telling me to push for it. Being my usual self-deprecating self, I downplayed that suggestion, saying that it would be impossible for me to be in such a role. And he refuted that idea by asking me,

“Why not? Take a risk.”

And even though I didn’t leave that conversation being wholly convinced, I did entertain the possibility of being in that role. All of a sudden, it seemed like something I could want, and could get, and could actually do well in.

But that word that he used to describe me – "careful".

I don’t think I’ve ever heard myself be described by that word. I searched for the definition of "careful," and found this: anxious to protect from harm or loss; making sure of avoiding potential danger.

When I read these definitions, they make complete sense in describing part of who I am. They are familiar concepts to me, especially in part of my instinctual nature. But why was I so triggered by it? It’s not like I didn’t know that I am a careful person. Maybe I just didn’t think I reeked of being a careful person. Or maybe it was the desire to be a risky person, in a good way, as a trait I want in living my fullest life. And the thought of being the opposite seemed embarrassing; like a concept I was behind in and had not yet figured out.

Careful -  anxious to protect from harm or loss; making sure of avoiding potential danger.

I’m surrounded by a lot of people older than me who tell me all these things that I should do in life with big gestures and smiles on their faces, or sometimes dead-in-the-eye seriousness. They tell me these things like a pro tip they want me to know. And I typically think nothing of it, but nowadays I listen and store that suggestion somewhere in my mind as an option for what I can do.

I think this post is about opportunities presented once risk is involved.

It probably is.

Actually, it definitely is.

It’s about creating a life of fulfillment by allowing the possibilities of the opposite of what I fear most into my life. It’s about taking chances while I still am living.