27 Reasons To Be Thankful

I’ve been challenged to daily start thanking God for anything and everything in my life. These days, I track down any random event that I’m thankful for in my day. So as I turned 27, I decided to write 27 things I was thankful for that day. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. My bed - honestly, this one is underrated. So many times when I’ve been exhausted, just knowing that there’s a bed I go to at the end of the day, and that it only accommodates me, makes me entirely grateful.

  2. The ability to make choices - knowing that I can decide what to do and when to do it, and that I have freedom in that, is a huge privilege.

  3. Music - the magic that moves me everyday.

  4. Having my own transport - being lent a car makes everyday life so much easier!!

  5. Having a job - in as much as I complain about this one, knowing there’s something to keep me busy (for the most part), and give me income is a huge thing to be thankful about.

  6. My mum - literally my rock and the most important person in my life.

  7. Privilege - this is one I don’t appreciate as much. Having choices in a lot of aspects in my life, and things I don’t have to struggle for is a gift in itself.

  8. People who care about me - more like people who show that they care about me.

  9. Health - another one I don’t appreciate as much. Last year, so many people I knew or knew of were in hospital, really sick, and even died, and it’s crazy to think of all the hassles that come with being unhealthy - bills, pills, mental illness, burdens, and all that. So, I’m grateful the only thing I can mostly complain about is a sore throat.

  10. Salvation - knowing that if I die today, I’ll be good. Having hope in someone bigger than myself.

  11. Access to help - whether it’s my parents, healthcare, colleagues, I feel like there are people and establishments that I can receive help from without much hassle.

  12. Free food - living at home perk #1.

  13. Free housing - living at home perk #2.

  14. Learning on the job - even though I’m employed as a teacher, I also get to learn how to take care of kids, how to manage my time, how to teach instruments I don’t play, how to make small talk, how to counsel, how to manage people, how to work with people.

  15. Kind colleagues - having colleagues who work the same struggle and commiserate in jest with you, or say kind words every once in a while is one of my favourite parts of the day.

  16. Family - my family are so annoying honestly. And many times I’m not considerate or appreciative of them. I think because many times I don’t think of my family as family (?) - I know it sounds really bad. But in dire straits, they do come through for you.

  17. Knowing things - I’m a huge TV game show fan, and I love just knowing random facts of information for general knowledge’s sake.

  18. Being educated - didn’t appreciate this one until a lot later in life, but, being educated literally allowed me to read and type all of this!

  19. Connections with strangers - meeting a rando and then sharing jokes, someone smiling at me when I give them way on the road, finding common interests with people I don’t know that well.

  20. Being able to eat chocolate - something about chocolate that’s just bliss.

  21. Having good memories - random moments when my brain decides to remember past events that will make me literally laugh out loud or smile out loud.

  22. Old friendships - sometimes I think I exaggerate the quality of my oldest friendships, but then every time we meet, I’m proved completely wrong.

  23. Living in a country with perfect weather - I will always find things to complain about Kenya, but the weather literally is not one of them. More than half of the year, it’s sunny, warm, and temperate.

  24. Influencing students and it shows - the biggest joy I get is when a shy student initiates greeting me, or when a struggling student improves in their final mark, or when a kid who does not care at all raises their hand to answer the question, or when a student comes to me at the end of the day, tells me happy birthday, and says he feels bad for nobody else remembering it, so he wants to give me 50/-, or when a student still wants to continue instrument lessons with me, or when a student comes to hug me, or when a student can memorise the step patterns in finding major and minor scales.

  25. Rest - this is huge! Being able to take it easy, stretch out my body, relax my mind, really have that time is a big gift.

  26. Having travelled - being exposed to other people and customs from different places always fascinates me, and humbles me in knowing how small-scale my world is.

  27. Writing - sometimes I get such a joy and rush from writing that I have to consider it a gift in pouring out things from my mind into words.

Capricorn season for some reason gets me very into my feelings. Many times I’ll get moody and withdrawn - not depressed - but just quiet and inward. So on my birthday, I didn’t announce it to anyone until after it happened, I just didn’t want to acknowledge it. I think because I have some made up child-like expectation in the back of my head of how the day’s supposed to go, but of course never does. Or something, I don’t know, and I just end up being sad.

BUT, God reminds me that he cares, and all of the 27 gifts he gave me that day are only a few examples of how much he cares about my being alive. That being said, I’m going to continue challenging myself with finding things to be thankful for, so I can live better daily.