Christian Music Challenge (JUNE update)

Last month I did a small exercise where I tested myself to see how I could go for a month while only listening to Christian music. Read more about that here.

It was very challenging and I did “lapse” on some of the days by listening to non Christian music after craving it in the moment. Or I found that I liked a couple of Christian songs that I would always play on repeat, which got a bit monotonous, and finding modern and poppy Christian songs that I liked was tough! There was a lot of hip hop/trap stuff I found, which I feel like if I had interest in, this challenge would not be that bad. But I think I just have a picky taste and may need to generalise my expectations a bit more.

Challenge Completed?

During the challenge I had a few questions I needed to answer. I mentioned these in the original post:

  1. Did it improve on my mental state?

  2. Did it make me feel closer to God?

    1. Did I have more pure thoughts than impure thoughts?

  3. Did I exclusively listen to Christian music?

To answer the first question, I felt like yes it did improve on my mental state. I didn’t have huge positive feelings, but I had less negative moods. This happened only when I was actively listening though. When I passively listened, I feel like sometimes my mood was altered, but not in the same way as singing the words out loud or listening to what was being sang.

Did it make me feel closer to God? Tricky to say. I can’t say I remember a time where I was overwhelmed with complete worship to God. As for the thoughts, I also can’t say that my pure thoughts were more evident than my impure ones.

To answer the last question, no. No, I did not exclusively listen to Christian music. I listened to it for the majority of my music listening time, but I also added some classic non Christian favourites. The urge was too strong to resist. It was like I needed to find a feeling that was familiar with the non Christian music I know. I also noted that because of the limitations I put on myself, I didn’t listen to music as much. I don’t think I even listened to instrumental tracks at all.

Am I Recommending It?

Yes and no.

Why yes?

  • Some tracks were pretty fire. Check out the playlist I made at the end of this post.

  • When I forced myself to listen to Christian radio, I found that as annoying as some of what they played was, with a little patience, Christian music generally has a good vibe and message it’s sending. I became more okay with tuning into Christian radio and sometimes I would listen to the words or find some hidden gems to bop along to. (I actually added one song by Natalie Grant which I was really feeling.)

  • Mindlessly singing positive, sometimes Biblical phrases I think upped my mood subconsciously. My mood never became sad or crappy.

Why no?

  • I didn’t properly document the days consistently. I did find it more of something I had forced myself to do than something that just became natural. And because of this, sometimes I found myself actually listening to music less.

  • Not enough time to make a huge change. I think I would do it again for maybe 5 months. Actually maybe even a year.

  • Not all of the music I listened to made me want to give praise to God. Some of it really was lame and I kind of just gritted my teeth through it until the end.

  • It was too easy to switch back to the non Christian music once the month was over.

So I think overall it was an experience which I think I need a lot more time to listen and explore the world of Christian music. I also need to document the progress better to visually and physically see a difference. Next time I do it, I’ll make sure to write down what I listen to in a day, how it made me feel, and anything else that would make it an effective challenge.

I’ve heard is said that you are what you eat. Could the same be said of what you listen to as well?

Here’s the playlist of Christian tracks I was feeling: